Fighter's Vow

Am thankful for this life,
For being a daughter, friend, 
Sis, mom and wife.
Could I have asked for anything more?
I don't think for sure.

Yet that quiet demon within me,
Doesn't like to see
Me happy.
It tells me to ask for the moon,
And that too, real soon.

Time 'o' clock is ticking fast.
If I don't act now
It won't last.
It knows I have broken pieces inside,
Scars and wounds I cannot hide.

But one thing is for sure,
I know whats mine
And wont ask for more.
I almost gave up but now I won't,
I have people who say 'Don't'.

I won't give up I will fight,
For what belongs to me,
What is right.
Doubts in my head you'll face defeat,
I will fight you till I succeed.